Welcome to CatchReport. This website is dedicated to all South African recreational anglers. It was conceived and created and by recreational anglers for the sole purpose of improving the knowledge base of recreational angling to ensure the sustainability of our linefish resources and South Africa’s most popular recreational activity.

Records of your fish catches and fishing activity are an extremely valuable source of information, especially when combined with commercial catch data. The rate at which fish are caught, the areas and times where they are caught and their sizes are the best and sometimes the only information that scientists have to estimate trends in fish abundance. Their job is to make recommendations on fisheries management based on available data. 

CatchReport is an exercise in collective value creation which will contribute to improved knowledge of recreational angling catches. Through this portal every fish caught by recreational anglers can be recorded. You are invited to log your catches on this web site to build an online profile of your fishing activities, and by doing so, become an active citizen scientist.


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