The latest FishInSight Pro v3.9 program is a recreational windows based program that allows research anglers the ability to collect detailed information on all their fishing.
This programme will be made freely available to qualifying recreational anglers who have registered on CatchReport. Note that all data collected using the FishInSight programme must also be submitted to the CatchReport database.

Register and Download   –  FishInSight Website Link 


Competition Data Logger: catchreport.exe

The Competition Data Logger is a windows based programme designed specifically for recreational angling clubs to easily collect and manage their competition data and to efficiently process scoring of results in real-time. The relevant catch and effort data will also automatically be submitted to the CatchReport database.
Club data logger is used to collect all current and archive data from competitions which transfers into spreadsheets which uploades to our database. These spreadsheets can then be kept for club records. The competition data logger includes the species catalog listed below integrated into the program.
Please register your club. Once registered you will be able to download the program

Register and Download


Species Catalog : Catalog.exe

This windows based programme is freely available to registered CatchReport users and provides you with information on 252 local species with pictures, common names, scientific names,Smith numbers,, and up-to-date recreational angling regulation bag limits, minimum size and a weight/length calculator for all 252 commonly caught species.

Download : Run FCsetup on your PC.


Spreadsheet Template : Sample1.xmls

This Excel spreadsheet template is freely available to CatchReport users and is used to filter all archive digital data from competitions into a format that will be compatible for upload to our database. This sample is the same as the spreadsheet created by the catchreport.exe program.

Download : Sample1.csv


SAN CHARTS with Recreational GRID reference numbers:

This is a freely available link to Google drive with all the SAN coastal grid charts used by CatchReport users and is used to identify the angling grids  for all  digital data captured in this project.

Download :SAN Charts


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